Learning at NSLA

NSLA offers a holistic and rigorous academic program for all students.  Furthermore, as part of our commitment to student enrichment, NSLA provides the opportunity for students to participate in dedicated arts study. 

Beginning in the 6th grade, all students are introduced to the various art forms at NSLA-- Choir, Dance, Instrumental Music, and Visual Arts.  Students who wish to continue with the arts will be able to select an art form as a specialty area to focus on in 7th and 8th grades.

Throughout their middle school experience, students participate in numerous performances, showcases, parades, competitions, community events, recitals, and exhibits.

Our strong academic and arts programming have prepared students to attend some of the finest performing arts high schools including in the city.  We have also had graduates attend highly selective public high schools, Catholic high schools, and private schools with scholarships throughout the city and country.   

Through partnerships and various learning experiences during the year, we seek to enrich the lives of our students.  Over the years, NSLA has developed strong relationships with the Park Avenue Armory, New York City Center, the American Ballet Theatre, Lehman College Music Department, and the Bronx Arts Ensemble.  These combined experiences provide students with opportunities to meet and learn from professional artists.

The Arts at NSLA

The Arts is an integral part of the student experience at NSLA.  We welcome students who are just beginning to those who are already well experienced within their artistic discipline.  Each arts studio at NSLA benefits from a dedicated practice space specifically set-up for that art form. 

Applying to NSLA

NSLA welcomes prospective students and their families to one of our fall 2024 Open Houses. 

  • Dates will be posted this summer

Those interested in applying to NSLA (10X244),  should rank NSLA as a top school on their MySchools application when applying to middle school.  The NSLA program code is: X244Z  

For more information, email: