• NSLA 2018-2019 Auditions

    NSLA Arts Academy auditions for invited 5th grade applicants will occur Saturday, January 27 and Saturday, February 3 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM.  Please arrive with your invite letter and most recent report card.

    Questions?  Call 718-601-2869 ext. 311 or email info@ms244.org

    The New School for Leadership and the Arts
  • NSLA Honored by Artist Carmen Herrera

    A mural designed by Carmen Herrera will be painted by NSLA students!


    The New School for Leadership and the Arts
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    We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.  If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact info@ms244.org to request assistance.

    The New School for Leadership and the Arts

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The Science Academy

The Science Academy at NSLA offers a rigorous academic program combined with the opportunity for students to explore the different sciences.  Through these explorations, students are able to apply their learning and make connections to the world around them.   
During the course of the year, students in the Science Academy participate in a variety of science learning experiments and excursions.  Students study microphages, assist in raising and releasing trout, perform dissections, and work collaboratively to present research.     
We believe that learning about science extends beyond the textbook and is a lived experience for all students.